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Jayant Khandare

Past Research Associate

Jayant’s Biography: Is a graduate from Govt.College of Pharmacy, Karad and a post graduate (Pharmaceutics) (1995) from University of Bombay, India. He worked as a Lecturer for Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharm. Microbiology more than 3 yrs. in Pune and Shivaji University.

Jayant’s Research: After getting a scholarship from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India he worked as a Senior Research Fellow and Research Associate at National Chemical Lab. (N.C.L.),Pune, IndiaHe completed Ph.D. research in March 2003 under the guidance of Dr. M.G.Kulkarni, Head, Polymer Science and Engg Unit. His thesis was entitled “ Affinity precipitation of bimolecules using stimuli sensitive polymers”. His research involved synthesis and characterization of bio-polymers / stimuli sensitive polymers containing N-acetyl glucosamine, protein-carbohydrate interactions, affinity precipitation and molecularly imprinted polymers for use in medicine and biotechnology. He along with Dr. MGK filed 7 US and 7 Indian patents.

Multidisciplinary Research: His background is an excellent interface between biopolymer and novel drug delivery system. He is currently working in the lab of Prof. R. Kannan as a Research Asst. His research is focused on dendrimer / hyperbranched polymer-drug conjugates. The goal of the team - Jayant, Parag, and Sezen (and of course Dr. Kannan) is to synthesize & characterize dendrimer-drug conjugates containing high drug concentration, affinity ligands and imaging agents using NMR, HPLC, GPC, Flow Cytometry, in vitro, in vivo studies using cell line cultures and animal studies. This multidisciplinary project involves Physicians, Pharmacologist, Cancer Pathologist and PET imaging specialist from various Institutes in Wayne State University for therapeutics in cancer, asthma and inflammation.