July 2017
Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Smith for being awarded the Hartwell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship! Her proposal was titled “Nanotherapies for the treatment of Rett syndrome.”
June 2017
Best of luck to Dr. Soo-Young Kim, who is moving on to a position with Dr. Xu at Virginia Commonwealth University!
April 2017
Congrats to Prof. Kannan Rangaramanujam for receiving the Arnall Patz Distinguished Professorship. This endowed professorship was created to honor Dr. Arnall Patz, a world-renowned scientist and the fourth director of the Wilmer Eye Institute. Professor Kannan gave a lecture entitled “Thinking Big by Going Small: Targeted Nano Therapies for Retinal Disorders” in acceptance of this honor.
February 2017
We wish the best to Dr. Ozgul Gok, who is returning home and pursuing professorships in Turkey!
November 2016
Congratulations to Dr. Sujatha Kannan on being named the next Richard J. Traytsman Endowed Chair for Anesthesiology Research!
July 2016
Dr. David Loane from the University of Maryland School of Medicine visits to give a talk titled: NOXious Neuroinflammation in the TBI Brain.
Good luck to Dr. Yi-An Lin, who is departing for a position as a senior scientist at Illumina in San Diego!
June 2016
Congratulations to Jane Jiangyu Li for completing her Masters thesis!  She is going on to work as a researcher at Admera Health!

January 2016
Congratulations to Fan Zhang on his successful thesis defense!  Fan’s thesis is on developing dendrimer-drug conjugates for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.  He will be continuing his research career at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as a postdoctoral fellow.

The Kannan Group welcomes new Ph.D. candidate Josh Porterfield!  Josh studied chemical engineering at Cornell University.
November 2015
The Kannan Group welcomes Dr. Soo-Young Kim from the National Institute of Health.
The Kannan Lab enjoys a Thanksgiving lunch at Woodlands Indian Restaurant.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Staff dinner

October 2015
The Kannan Group welcomes new Ph.D. candidate Kevin Liaw.  Kevin studied chemical engineering at Princeton University.
September 2015
The Kannan Group welcomes new postdoctoral candidates Anjali and Rishi Sharma!  Both are experts in polymer chemistry and will be invaluable resources for our research.
Congratulations to Elizabeth Tucker for winning the 2015 Young Investigator Award at the 2015 World Molecular Imaging Congress.   Click here to read more about her award-winning work!
May 2015
Dr. Allan Hoffman (University of Washington Department of Bioengineering) visits the Center for Nanomedicine in the Wilmer Eye Institute.  Dr. Hoffman is known for his work in polymeric biomaterials for drug delivery and diagnostic assays.  Thank you for a great talk, Dr. Hoffman!


Congratulations to Dr. Fengyuan Yang for graduating with his Ph.D. degree!


January 2015
Congrats to postdoctoral fellow Elizabeth Nance for being selected to the prestigious ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ list.  Click here for full story.
June 2014
Postdoctoral candidate Elizabeth Nance wins the Burroughs Wellcome early CAREER Award!  Click here for full story.
March 2014
The Center for Nanomedicine is featured in Hopkins Medicine Magazine!  Click here to learn more.
Kannan and the Brain Science Institute are featured in Johns Hopkins Magazine.
October 2013
Sujatha Kannan and her team win the Annual Scientific Award of Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM)!  Click here to read more about this great achievement.
May 2012
Our work featured is on NBC/Al Jazeera media!  Check out the link below to learn more about our efforts to treat cerebral palsy with nanotechnology. 
April 2012
Our work on “Dendrimer-based postnatal therapy for cerebral palsy” has appeared in Science Translational Medicine.  Click here for the full paper.   This work has also been highlighted in Science (here, here, and here), Nature, and Global News.
December 2011
Our work on”Dendrimer-based targeted intravitreal therapy for retinal degeneration” has been published on Biomaterials.  Learn more about it here.  This work is also being highlighted by various media outlets, including Future Science, Wayne State’s news release, and Science Daily.
July 2011
The Kannan Group has moved to the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins Medical School.  We will now be conducting research as part of the Center for Nanomedicine.


August 11, 2010
Kannan Group collaborator Dr. Roberto Romero is named the “Health Care Hero” by Crain’s Detroit Business newspaper.  Congratulations, Dr. Romero!  Read the full article here.
July 20, 2010
Our cerebral palsy work is highlighted in New Science Magazine.  Read the full article here (pages 32-33).

February 25, 2010
Our work on developing nanodevices for early diagnosis of intra-amniotic infections is featured in Wayne State University News Release!  Click here to read the full article.

August 16, 2009
Kannan and Sujatha are highlighted in Crain’s Detroit Business!  They discuss the benefits of the unique dendrimer platform in targeting neuroinflammation to fight cerebral palsy.  Learn more about it here.
September 28, 2006
Our in vitro dendrimer drug therapy work, in collaboration with the Karmanos Group, is featured in Michigan Small Tech news.  Read the full article here.
September 25, 2006
The Kannan Group is featured in Wayne State University’s Exemplar magazine.  Learn more about it here.
April 3, 2006
Our work on dendrimer nanoparticles and their impact on drug resistant tumor cells is featured in the National Cancer Institute Nano News!  Learn more about it at here.