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2008- to date

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2007 and Earlier

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Publications From Graduate and Posdoctoral Work

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Book Chapters
(1) Kannan, RM., Pillai, O., Kannan, S. Cellular interactions of nano drug delivery systems. In: Force microscopy in biology and medicine, Edited by B.P. Jena, Wiley & Co (in press).

(2) Kannan, RM., Pillai, O., Kannan, S. Dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers for drug delivery. In: Biomedical applications of nanotechnology, Edited by V. Labhasetwar, D.L. Leslie-Pelecky John Wiley & Co (in press).


Selected Invited Talks
[11]Clemson University-Bioengineering, Joint Page Morton Hunter Bioengineering Distinguished Seminar Series & NIH COBRE SCBiomat Lecture Series, Feb, 2010

[10]University of Akron (Polymer Science), December, 2009-Dendrimer nanotherapeutics & neuroinflammation

[9]‘Dendrimer-based nanotherapeutics? Plenary Speaker, Symposium on ‘Nanotechnology in Health Sciences? American Association of Dental Research, Ann Arbor, MI , 12/08

[8]‘Dendrimer-based nanodevice platforms? Invited talks in the following departments at Wayne State University: Obstetrics and Gynecologym (11/08), Perinatology Research Branch (9/08), Immunology and Microbiology (4/08), Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (3/07); Anatomy and Cell Biology (1/07), Pediatric Critical care(12/05), Children’s Hospital of Michigan-PET Center (3/08); pharmaceutical sciences (2006); Karmanos Cancer Institute (2003, 2007, 2009).

[7]‘Designing dendrimer-based nanodevices for intracellular delivery through mechanistic understanding? American Physical Society, April 2007.

[6]‘Emerging nanotechnologies for therapeutic applications? AIChE Nanotechnology forum, November, 2006

[5]‘nanoSEC: experiences from a start-up company? University-Technology Commercialization conference, Dearborn, MI, 9/2006

[4]‘Tailored dendrimer-based nanodevices for targeted drug delivery? ALZA Corporation, California, USA, 5/2005

[3]‘Dendrimer-based bioconjugates as multifunctional targeted drug delivery systems? Invited Plenary lecture, International Polymer Conjugates Conference, Jerusalem, Israel, 12/05

[2]‘Dendrimer-based multi-functional drug delivery nanodevices: from chemistry to clinical applications? American Academy of Nanomedicine at National Academy of Sciences, 9/2006.

[1]‘Dendrimer soft nanoparticles for drug delivery? international particle technology conference, San Diego, 11/2006


(i) Sessions Chaired in National Meetings
[1] APS Meeting, Division High Polymer Physics: Session:Diffusion, March, Los Angeles, 1998

[2] Society of Rheology : Session: Experimental Methods, Columbus, October 1998

[3] APS Meeting, Division of High Polymer Physics: Poster Session, Atlanta, March 1999

[4] AIChE Meeting, Dallas, November 1999: Session: Transport at Fluid Interfaces

[5] AIChE Meeting, Dallas, November 1999: Session: Diffusion in Polymers II

[6] AIChE Meeting, Dallas, November 1999: Session: Adsorption in Thin Films

[7] AIChE Meeting, Los Angeles, 2000, Session: Rheology of Colloidal Dispersions

[8] Polymer Physics Gordon Conference, May 2000, Discussion Leader

[9] AIChE Meeting, Reno, 2001, Structure and Properties of Polymers: Novel Characterization Techniques

[10] AIChE Meeting, Indianapolis, 2002, Structure and Properties of Polymers

Participated in NSF Review Panels : NIRT Biomaterials Panel (2001): NSF- CCLI (2001); NSF- CCLI (2002)

(ii) WSU Materials Science Program: Graduate Advisor : (2000 ?current)

(ii) WSU Committee Assignments
Curriculum Planning: Design, Ethics, and Professionalism, Engineering (1998)

AOC –department representative (1998-2000)

Shops Committee (2001- 2003)

Member of the CHE LAB improvement committee-Took part in the proposal writing, purchase and set-up of the some of the new experiments in the ChE 3220 lab

College of Engineering Representative on the Advisory Board for the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) at WSU.